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Default Re: Curling at Winter Olympics

Originally Posted by Thud View Post

Turns out there is science in it. When they scrub the ice the friction melts the top layer and makes it more slippery. The stone goes that much further, several feet in fact and so they can stop it pretty much where they want.
It's only when they make a mistake that they lose.

Most curling in the UK takes place in Scotland. Just listen to the UK ladies team! That's the genuine Scots accent.
There is science in all sports, and of course in drumming. You don't lose just by mistakes. A lot of curling is strategy of setting up blocks to foil future shots by the opposing team.
The 'curl' is gotten both by sweeping but mostly slightly spinning the rock.
And by the way, the person shootign the rock, captain of the team, is called the 'skip'.

All Canadian teams can be recognized by saying 'sorry' or 'eh' a lot.

Both curling and golf on TV are great for nodding off while watching, maybe whilst hungover.
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