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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

I'm a smoker. I smoke 3 - 5 cigs a day; rarely more, rarely less. A pack lasts me 5-7 days without fail and I've been smoking for 34 years. I love smoking and I love it with coffee...frankly I don't think I plan on quitting. I smoke the Marlboro Special Blend red variety and to me they taste wonderful. There are few things as enjoyable as lighting up on a cool night with a nice cup of coffee.

Am I dumb? Yes, I think so. I'm sure there will be a price to pay. The fiddler will catch up to me one day I suspect. There is nothing good about smoking even at my clip. No matter how you look at it, it is unhealthy and causes damage. It often makes me ask a very difficult question which is "what is it about myself that I don't value such that I'm willing to hurt myself with this behavior..." Not a pleasant question.

I hope you can drop your habit! It is not easy. Be smarter than someone like me who is stubborn and won't quit. No amount of justifying the behavior (like I do) will stop the cumulative effects to your health. Unfortunately, for some of us, it may take an event....a bad tear us away from the powerful allure of the smoking process.

You *can* do it....make a list of all the reasons you have around you to be healthy and active!
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