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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

Originally Posted by BillRayDrums View Post
Understand that smoking is a ritual. There's many actions that have nothing to do with smoking but have everything to do with your habit. The opening of the pack, pulling it out, tamping the end, putting it to your lips, fidgeting with your lighter, flicking the lighter or match all happen before that first drag.
Man, all of this verbage makes me want to light up. :P

When you say "don't smoke" your brain hears "smoke". Instead of saying "I'm not going to smoke" say "I'm going to make healthier choices" so the word never appears. And understand that you don't "quit" a habit but rather "replace" it. So you must replace that bad habit with one that is positive.
good idea. use positive self-talk instead of negative - much like " I will not forget...." versus " I will REMEMBER.."

I quit five minutes at a time. Every time I wanted a cig I made myself wait five more minutes.

It's a lot of willpower required to do this though. Your mettle will be tested. Don't let the bastards win, I'm tellin' ya!

Wanna know what's even harder to quit? Gnawing your fingernails.

Best of luck.
I smoke cigarettes yet it's an occasional thing and don't I consider myself a "smoker". Sometimes I'll go weeks or a few times months without one, and the pack I have goes stale.

On the other hand, the vast majority of people who see myself or anyone like me smoking, automatically categorize them as life-long two pack a day smokers. The social stigma.

Using the same logic, everyone who has a drink is automatically a drunk. Not quite fair.

I genuinely feel bad for those who are addicted, heavy smokers.

Also, I can't stand second-hand smoke. It makes me gag, even if I'm smoking myself.

Overall, life is short and too short for me to suggest others how to live their own. We all know the possible consequences of smoking.
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