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Default Re: Newbie to use Superior Drummer with Roland TD6

Ok, I just went through it and I think I found the thing that kept me from getting it to work.

1.) Open toontrack solo.
2.) Superior drummer is the only option I have that comes up, other than to open a pre-existing project. Click ok on Superior Drummer.
3.) When you see view with the drum set come up (Standard view under the main Construct tab), click on the "Mapping" tab at the top; it's the fourth from the left on my window that comes up.
4.) You should see a keyboard at the bottom of the panel. Click on the tab that says "Presets" above it.
5.) Click MIDI/Note Mapping/E-drums.

That should do it. I'm not real good with posting images or screen grabs, but hopefully you'll be able to see what I'm talking about.

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