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Default Re: Newbie to use Superior Drummer with Roland TD6

I'm surprised that I've actually been able to get my stuff to work! I got a TD-12 and I'm running MIDI to MIDI to a Roland Quad Capture interface. I don't think you need to worry about the MIDI settings on your brain.

First off, is your computer recognizing the brain? I'm running through the interface into my iMac. When you open up Toontrack Solo, do you see the heads changing color when you hit a pad? If you see the various drums light up when you hit a pad but no sound, it may be that you need to change some audio settings either via preferences (mac) or control panel/audio (pc). If it is lighting up, don't worry if the wrong parts are going up when you hit a pad, such as a bass drum going off when you hit your snare, because you can use the learn function to assign instruments to the various pads. I do think Toontrack had Roland in mind when coming up with the program though, so it should have good defaults.

Good luck and let me know if you've made any progress!
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