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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by ianjphil View Post
Even though my little Bop Kit doesn't quite stack up to the SQ2's on here.. Since I've re-cut the bearing edges (slightly rounder on the top, slightly sharper on the reso), coated the interior with Tung Oil, and put some single-flange wood hoops on the kit, it has really come to life!

While this will never be my dream kit, it definitely will keep me happy along the way.

(Sorry for the phone quality pics)
Very nice! We even have a lot of the same stands and I also have an Acro. That Sonor kit might not be expensive but I would put the 18" bass drum on that kit against any of the expensive or vintage ones any day of the week. I gave my bop kit to my sound guy in Germany.
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