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Default Re: Pros & Cons to In Ear Monitors?

I switched to in ears a little over a year ago and I'll never go back to traditional monitors. This is why:

1. Better hearing protection because you are isolated from the direct sound on stage and can control your own volume. The level of protection is based on the in ear monitors you chose, so chose wisely. I also suggest having a limiter in the in ear chain.

2. Eliminates any chance of feedback.

3. Better over all mix and sound quality (depends on venue, sound person and your gear).

The cons are:

1. You have to invest in what can be a costly in ear setup. Mine consists of the following:

a. Yamaha MG102C Mixer
b. Behringer DEQ2496 (for EQ and Limiting)
c. Behringer HA8000 Headphone Amp
d. SKB Mini Gig Rack
e. Clear Tune Monitors CT300 Pro in ears

I normally run the stereo monitor mix from my mixer into 2 channels of the mixer. I also run my iPad into a channel for click.

2. If you're working with a house PA you have to be prepared to accept different types of feeds into your in ear rig. Not every venue is setup the same. Some can give you a mono only feed while some can do stereo. Some use XLR connectors, some 1/4. In some you may only be able to get a speaker level feed from a power amp (1/4 or speakon). So you need to have a variety of adapters with you, don't count on the venue to have what you need. For a speaker level feed i use an Art HeadTap. It converts speaker level into line level.

3. Longer, more complex setup and more things that could fail. Have a back up plan.

I hope this helps.

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