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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

Originally Posted by drumkat View Post
Hey Dutch,

I really really need to quit hey

I am a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care

I see end stage COPD in patients

They end up in a bad bad way....yet I still freakin' smoke

It is nowhere near the amount I used to smoke but still...

God I am such a total idiot

I will get myself in the right headspace and try again ASAP

I can remember recently one patient who hung himself

He was still alive but was brain dead

I remember having to turn off life support with his 14yr old daughter standing next to me

Her daughter cried in my arms for about an hr

My uniform was soaked in her tears

That was one trigger that got me back on the ciggies

That situation affected me deeply

I know it is NO excuse, but at the time it seemed the one way to get through it all
Yes, you are an idiot. Quit smoking now!!!

I meant that with much love and respect. I used to smoke for several years myself. I had my last one about 13 years ago. I tried to quit 3 times before it finally worked.

For the final attempt, I had a sort of method that I used that I didn't really realize was a method at the time. I've heard of folks smoking one less cigarette per day until they are down to zero. I sort of did that unintentionally.

I picked a date a few months out (I honestly don't remember that date now) and told myself I was going to quit on THAT DAY. At first, I didn't change anything about how many I smoked per day. Eventually I did smoke a few less every day. I have often wondered if telling myself that I was going to quit had something to do with that. I think overcoming the mental addiction aspect of it is a huge part of it.

Once I had that out of the way so to speak, I just had to deal with the physical withdrawal for just a couple weeks.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Good luck.
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