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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Posted: 8 days ago
Looking For Dedicated/Reliabel Drummer, (35 min). $10.00 per hr
Are you a drummer who wants to perform live?

Are you a drummer who likes music?

Are you a drummer willing to play any kind of music?

Are you a drummer who is at least 35 years of age?

Are you a drummer with transportation?

Are you a drummer who is drug free and doesn't have a restrictive female in your life?

I am looking for a reliable drummer, who is dedicated to music, and can play or is willing to
learn how to play specific parts. Or at least your version of the parts as long as I like it. You will be expected to show up on time and use my drum set. You will be expected to show up on time on Sunday afternoons from 1pm until 4pm, Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 9pm and Thursday evenings from 7pm until 9pm.

I will pay you $10.00 per hour plus a $50.00 song mastering bonus. Once you can play the song completely, five times, and without any errors you will get a $50.00 bonus.

There are 12 songs to learn and master. I can play the drums to them so a dedicated drummer should be able to play them much better than I. You will be paid for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday on the following Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. This is to insure that you are going to show up. No show no pay.

If music is just a hobby for you please don't waste my time. If you want to be in a pro band and;"go to the top, the very top", I would like to work with you.

You must give me your first and last name and your phone number. I will not respond to just an email. If you have wasted my time in the past I will not respond to you. So sorry but you had your chance.

This dude needs a drum machine
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