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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

Originally Posted by drumkat View Post

Holy moly, that is serious dude!

I am doubt about that!

Hats off to you to kick such a serious habit....So BillRay, how did you quit?

Did you just do it in one go or did it take a few times?
Understand that smoking is a ritual. There's many actions that have nothing to do with smoking but have everything to do with your habit. The opening of the pack, pulling it out, tamping the end, putting it to your lips, fidgeting with your lighter, flicking the lighter or match all happen before that first drag.

When you say "don't smoke" your brain hears "smoke". Instead of saying "I'm not going to smoke" say "I'm going to make healthier choices" so the word never appears. And understand that you don't "quit" a habit but rather "replace" it. So you must replace that bad habit with one that is positive.

I quit five minutes at a time. Every time I wanted a cig I made myself wait five more minutes.

It's a lot of willpower required to do this though. Your mettle will be tested. Don't let the bastards win, I'm tellin' ya!

Wanna know what's even harder to quit? Gnawing your fingernails.

Best of luck.

Best Regards,
Bill Ray
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