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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

Thanks guys.I too .would just love it if the US banned tobaco products,and smoking.The American pharmacy chain of CVS,is banning the sale of tobaoo products in ALL of their stores.Other chains like Wallgreens,which also owns other chains like Duane Reid,are also,strongly considering the same move.

This ban,has tremendous public support,so it's likely to happen,in other corporate chains,as CVS sales,have slready gone up,in a show of support.They know the'll lose money,on loss of tobacco sales,but,the'll make it up in other areas.

NY City,is considering a ban on smoking in public.You already can't snoke in buildings,restaurants,bars and public parks...why not go all the way. all you can to fight this addiction.It will be so worth it in the long run.

Steve B
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