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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

I smoked for years,and finally ,I gave it up,after quitting 3 times.I just started cutting down,the amount of cigs I permitted my self to smoke on a given day.I also left the rest of the pack in the car.When i did buy smokes,I'd buy the cheapest ,most vile tasting stuff I could find.

I'd take a few drags,and but the cigarette out.When it was time to smoke again,say after two hours,I'd light up the same vile tasting cigarette,that I put out an hour ago,and so on and so on.

You also have to realize what your triggers are.Getting in to the car,after a meal,with a beer,when your upset,after play your drums.ect.Smokers ALL have triggers.Identify them,and take action,like no smoking in the car.No smoking in the house.No smoking after a meal .No smoking with a cup of tea/coffee.

Climb a few sets of stairs,and when you're breathing really hard,lite up and inhale deeply.You'll cough out one of your lungs.

I have COPD,from working at ground zero on and after 9/11.My breathing isn't terrible,but gets worse in certain weather,like high heat and humidity.

If you want to know what how that feels,take a deep breath, try to take another one.Or take a coctail straw,like the one you get in a pub,pinch your nose closed,and try to breathe through the straw,while you're playing your drums.No...I'm not kidding.

Make it as vile and inconvienient as possibe,to continue smoking,till it's no longer a pleasureable,and relaxing thing to do.Be tough on your self,and you'll thank yourself later,when you can enjoy your grandkids....and enjoy playing drums with getting completely out of breath.

Steve B
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