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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

I knew a guy that smoked a long time, and then succeeded in quitting. 5 years after stopping, the guy developed lung cancer and died from it. You can't put a price on the lost life at the hands of tobacco.

I always hated the smell of it so I never started. I tried it of course, but no, yuck. My 22 YO son used to smoke, much to my horror, but recently substituted one of those devices where you can buy your own oil and just huff nicotine vapor and flavoring. It does seem to be the lesser of the 2 evils, but nicotine is a poison all by itself. I don't trust the flavorings either, they can't be good for you. So it's a lateral move, those smoking devices. My son has one that looks like a "chamber" pot pipe from the 70's, only straight. In a way, those things, and e cigs, are worse, because people do them in public and I'm sorry but they do have a sickly odor about them. And people around them are still inhaling 2nd hand smoke.

But then you get the people who smoke well into their 80's.

Some people die from it, some don't. Go figure.
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