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Default Re: Started smoking again!!!

Please stop smoking.

I never smoked and I have been a chronic asthmatic my entire life. Many trips to the ER late at night having trouble breathing. Always have an inhaler nearby. However, I've noticed something in recent years. When I was younger there were virtually no restrictions on smoking anywhere. Even though my parents did not smoke, we had plenty of ashtrays and lighters in the house. Of course, that has changed in recent decades. Now, where I live, smoking is banned almost everywhere. I can live my entire life with no exposure to smoke if I want, and I do. Not only have I not been to an ER for asthma in almost 20 years, but I also barely use my inhaler. In recent years, they tend to expire rather than get used up.

You have my sympathy regarding your addiction. I have seen many people close to me struggle greatly with it, until they died from it. Of course, I have seen some successfully quit. Please stop, for yourself and for those around you.

One final story: I used to ride the train to work. At that time, smoking was banned on the trains, but nowhere else. Once we pulled in to the station downtown (amidst about 16 trains), people getting off would light up instantly. It was like running a gauntlet of smoke to get out of the station and get to work. Eventually, smoking was banned in the station, including the outdoor areas where the trains pulled up. As soon as that happened, when I got off the train, I was overwhelmed by the stench of diesel fumes. Remember, there were about 16 trains. The lesson? Prior to this time, the cigarette smoke was so thick, you could not smell the fumes from 16 diesel locomotives. I think many smokers don't realize how much they 'stink'.
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