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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Hi guys.

Had an amazing stroke of luck a few days ago

I was driving down the road the other night

And my headlights caught a black and chrome pile of something on someones front lawn

Here in Australia we are allowed to dump certain house hold items at certain times of the year on the roadside verge and the council will collect.....

Low and behold, it was a Tama Rockstar DX

Beautiful condition, with a 22x16 bass, 12,13 and 16 toms

Had good condition reso and batter heads

Hardware was shiny with NO rust, shells in AMAZING condition

I knocked on the door and asked the man about them who said..." I don't like them..."

I got them home and ....OMG!!!

The bass drum is thunderous

The 12' tom and 16' tom are absolutely beautiful

WOW...I cant believe my luck a free TAMA Rockstar DX kit

This kit has got some balls compared to my Premier Genista
It's a trap!, It's a trap!....we can't stand firepower of that magnitude! (Admiral Ackbar)
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