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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Dave
Age? 44
How long have you been playing? 34 years
Origin of user name? Drummer
Your top 5 drummers? John Bonham, Gavin Harrison, Sean Kinney, Steve Gorman, and Tommy Lee was an earlier influence.
Make of drumkit? Pearl right now
Make of cymbal?Zildjian
Where do you practice? Right now living in an apartment so I only get to practice when I am playing with a band or on the couch
Are you in a band? Yes-two. Possibly three
Do you play covers or originals? Both. In two cover bands. One is a Zeppelin tribute band that I just joined. I am happy I get to do my best Bonzo impression. We have a gig March 1st. Nervous. The 3rd band I may or may not be a part of is an R & B, soul band-originals. But I really want to be in an original blues based, country tinged rock band.
What style of music? Usually rock but I am up to anything like soul, blues, country, R & B, polkas, etc. I suck at Jazz, though. Something I want to change.
Favourite take out food? General Cho's chicken
What country do you live in? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? I nearly drowned three times when I was a kid but I love being near, in and on the water.
How did you start drumming? In grade school band I was playing the clarinet and got braces. The orthodontic said he didn't want anything in my mouth so I started to play drums. I initially resisted the idea. Now I am stuck with them.

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