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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
Yeah I'm defending the guy and I don't mean to bash you
1) Link the video and I'll believe you. I've watched a ton of his videos and I can't recall him saying that.
2) I don't agree. He gets a ton of requests every day so obviously he will cover a song that someone have requested. He also covers a lot of new songs and as fast a new song hits the top 25 someone will request it.
3) Weak argument from my side here: It is his videos and his covers. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can find him just grooving behind a band live.

He might not be the worlds greatest but he is a good inspiration. He teaches the importance to practice to a metronome and he shows that it's all about having fun behind the kit.
1) I am not wasting the precious time and resource I have looking through all his videos again. You'll find its one of the more waffly ones like his autobiographical videos where he talks about his life etc (apparently he's a celebrity in the music business)

2) My argument is that he should perhaps spend more time working on his weaknesses than playing covers on youtube. He will always stay stuck as a musician by playing other stuff in his own interpretation. I call 'improving the beat' a cop out, I actually think he just can't play it as played on record. It's conning people and influencing those who perhaps aren't musically that wise into thinking drummers who don't play flashy are crap.

3) Never looked for his live band stuff, I have limited time to do musical research and I don't feel I will learn much from him. That isn't meant to be a slight, I don't really listen to Rush or Dream Theater any more and they are my favourite bands. I need to listen to music where I can actually apply drum beats that are in my capability and also, songs where it is important to learn not to play a plethora of fills, just because you can.

I won't doubt his influence for one moment, he gets a lot of views on his videos but youtube should not be the measuring stick that defines success. I wish I had all the Zildjian K's he has believe me.
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