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Default Re: "Paypal" email scam

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I get leery about CL sales when I find that the buyer lives far away. Most CL buyers are local shoppers. I have made several transactions with out of state buyers though, so you can't go by that entirely. You have to have a conversation with the buyer and feel him out. Don't be afraid of doing transactions via CL where you are paid with PayPal. Just be careful.
I listed my '88 Tama Granstar Customs on ebay before I realized how much it costs to ship drums, and the risk of one of the drums not making it (or making it but it becomes "not received"). I mean I did a complete breakdown using an Excel spreadsheet to compared shipping between USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Greyhound. In the end, I went to craigslist and, while I sold them for a few hundred less than what I wanted on ebay, I was happy to meet the buyer and see ALL the drums leave with him in his long station wagon. Plus he gave me cash.

Those were my babies for 25 years. Would you send your dog through the mail to the highest bidder? I didn't think so :)

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