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Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
Random thought about the Iron Cobra. The cobra coil does not make any sense on a chain or belt driven pedal. Does not that create a slack since the foot board gets some extra push?
That's what I have found. Maybe not at slower speed (not sure)? But when I play fast the coil bounces the pedal upward faster than the rebound off the head. It serves absolutely no purpose where speed is concerned. With the coil removed, no matter how fast you play you're not going to get slack in the chain, it just doesn't work that way because the pedal movement is directly related to the beater. The coil just disrupts this action.

I was overjoyed to discover my initial disappointment with the speed cobra was all because of the coil. Removed the coil and found the pedal to be everything and more I was looking for.
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