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Default Re: "Paypal" email scam

I get leery about CL sales when I find that the buyer lives far away. Most CL buyers are local shoppers. I have made several transactions with out of state buyers though, so you can't go by that entirely. You have to have a conversation with the buyer and feel him out. Don't be afraid of doing transactions via CL where you are paid with PayPal. Just be careful.
I also prefer local cash sales whenever possible.
Again, always talk to the buyer on the phone before doing a long distance transaction. A scammer will usually avoid a phone conversation.

I have been careful and I have met really nice folks on CL both as a buyer and a seller. I weed out the perspective buyers if I don't trust them.
Last week a 10 year old boy came to my studio with his mom and they bought a kit from my CL ad. I was so happy to see the drums going to a good home. Before I invited them to see the drums, I had a phone conversation with the mom so I knew that things were on the up.
I kind of like old drums:)

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