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Default "Paypal" email scam

I was (almost) a victim of a crafty online scam.
The "Buyer" emailed me that they had sent the funds to my Paypal account using my email address that I stupidly revealed in responding to an inquiry via Craigslist. Shortly after this, I received to be a what looked like a very genuine looking notification from Paypal that the funds had been received into my account and that they were waiting on the shipping number to release the funds from their "escrow."

I stopped shipment after noticing a grammatical error and a hyperlink in the so-called "Paypal" notification. The incorrect grammar was what set off a red flag in my mind.
So... after reviewing Paypal's policies, I learned that they never put a hyperlink into their mail and that they always address you in correspondence by your first and last name NOT your email address.

Many of you internet savvy folks are already aware of these nefarious scams but I figured I'd pass this along.

This old-dog learned a new trick today.

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