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Originally Posted by chessler View Post
Hi everyone, in case you have been wondering about the contents of "Drumming Kairos", here's some more info on the DVD through the eyes of a "user"

In case you have already seen the DVD and worked with it: Anything that you like about it?
Any questions on it? Feel free to bring them on - everything will be answered!

Best, C.
I've had the DVD for several months, and I think it's excellent. Since I already had (and have worked out of) your Daily Drum Set Workout book, the part that interested me the most was all of the material on hand technique. I've spent some time working on the Moeller exercises, as well as the pull out ruff-based exercises, and have found them very helpful. I especially like the "Freak Moeller" exercises that focus on playing whip-based ostinatos with one hand while playing various patterns (with "formal" free strokes) with the other. This is stuff which I've practiced to some extent in the past, but to have it laid out in such a thorough fashion is great. It really has huge practical benefits on the drum set, and it's great to hone this style of independence on a pad before adding the feet. As you indicate, some of this stuff "looks easy" but is not, and I suspect that a lot of us have a history of "sort of but not quite" pulling this stuff off when playing the set. It becomes so much more smooth and relaxed at the kit after being able to play these kind of exercises cleanly on the pad.

The "reverse" Syncopation-style exercises look great, although I haven't really practiced any of them yet. And of course, just in general, there is a wealth of philosophical information on all sorts of aspects to being a musical drummer, that are good to have reinforced.

Lastly, the solos you play on the DVD are inspiring.
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