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About an hour ago I checked the date because I have a dermatologist appointment on Mon. I noticed it was Valentines Day. I think I'll pass this one to David Attenborough ...

... On the same day every year Homo sapiens does a most curious thing. Leading up to the 14th of February every year (and it doesn't matter whether it's winter in the northern hemisphere or summer in the south) a plethora of these clever naked apes start to accumulate vast amounts of additional resources to provide for their mate. Mountains of flowers and processed cocoa beans are harvested, ready for consumption, perhaps to provide additional energy stores before the species embarks on a frenzy of mating.

[whispers]Oooh, I think we can see a couple of them in action now through the clearing ... I need to be very quiet because this part of the ritual tends to be very private as opposed to the overt tumult in the group about the occasion. See how they touch and make soft vocalisations designed to boost dopamine and seretonin rates. This makes the female receptive to mating. Now you will now notice that the male attempts to m......

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