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Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
My wife and I don't celebrate it, but I decided to forgo this and get her a watch she really wants. She has been eyeballing this particular watch for well over a year. I went today to go get her the watch and it was gone! Words cannot describe exactly how pissed I am about this. It was there two days ago. It was there two weeks, months, maybe even years ago. Of course now that I can get it for her, it is gone. This sucks.
Bummer. See, this is exaclty the problem with Valentines day. It was the strict adherence to this utter commercial wank of a day that was your downfall mate. If you'd have forgone all thoughts of "doing something special for Valentines day" and bought it two days ago for no other reason that you love her and want to show it, you'd be smiling brightly....not to mention being a contender for the annual husband of the year award. It's evil I tells ya.

Me. I'm taking the missus out to dinner tomorrownight (it's Valenntines day here today). Just to prove the point that I don't need Hallmark to dictate my terms for me.......who knows, might even buy flowers too!! :-)
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