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Default Re: Raining in the UK- no s^%t, really!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ok, just higher than average snowfall then.
No Andy,you were right the first time.In NY,we're way ahead of where we're suppose to be ,in terms of snowfall,and record low temps.In fact,all over the US,there are records being broken for snowfall and low temps.some -20 below 0.At that temp,home heating oil,turns to gel.

We just got 9" of snow overnight,and now it's raining to beat the band.It's a slushy mess,and it will all freeze overnight.

I hope all is well with you,the fam and all of our other DW cousins in the UK.I just read the other day,about the huge waves,pounding the cost of the UK and Spain.These major weather events are downright scary.Stay safe my friend.

Steve B
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