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Default Re: Raining in the UK- no s^%t, really!

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
you need to find a way to refrigerate that sack of dead clams or they will start to smell.
I'm eating one now. Not a hope of them lasting long enough to go off, so don't worry!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
A predicted 2" of rain for our area. With nowhere for that water to go except into the valley, I think we're in for another crap ride.
Crikey :/ Never mind building drums - build an Ark!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Saw a wind surfer on the main road this morning too. That was kinda funny :)
You know it's bad when you see stuff like that! When we lived in the south-east of England, we used to get canoeists paddling down our lane.
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