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Default Re: Raining in the UK- no s^%t, really!

It's nowhere near as bad here as in other parts of the UK, but the winds last night were frightening.

I'd left the horses in their stables yesterday, and when I went down to the farm where they live to muck them out and give them their teas, at about 4p.m., part of the barn roof blew off. I did all the essentials in about 30 minutes and took the absence of roof as my cue to get the hell out.

On the way back (1.5 mile journey) I was slightly alarmed to see a large piece of broken-off tree that hadn't been there before, and when I came to the junction at the end of the lane, it was blocked by another large piece of tree and a number of smaller branches. I didn't fancy getting out of the car to try to move the branches in case any more came down on top of me, so I turned round and headed back to go another way, only to find the lane blocked by more branches after I'd passed the farm. I tried to move them but they were too heavy, and I was quite worried now, thinking I might have to spend the night at the farm! Luckily a neighbour arrived and helped me shift the branches, and I managed to get home safely.

I found Mr Madge sitting glumly in the dark, as the power had gone off. So we dined romantically by candlelight on poppadoms, olives, cold baked beans and a rather nice Sauvignon blanc, but it was a bit scary to hear the roof tiles rattling.

I don't know what I'll find when I attempt to go to the farm later :/
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