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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
It was their sound -- and honestly i loved it. It was raw and crude and awesome. Agree or not, but i dont think having steve gadd playing on those songs would have helped -- in fact, it would have hurt that sound that HE wanted and achieved. Personally i think meg is adorable and plays with an energy and freedom that a lot of us "trained and disciplined" now lack. She was the perfect sound for that band and i personally doubt the white stripes would have been as good without her. Obviously jack is the talent, but meg was just what he needed.

Thats my take anyway.
agree...........having Steve Gadd playing in "wont get fooled again"...would be a disaster!..I am a die hard fan of unique drummers, not the best ones who play by the book.
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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