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Default Re: The right cymbal case

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
I have used several hard shell cymbal cases throughout the years and have always had problems with chinas. Right now I use an SKB case that holds the 6 traditional cymbals prefectly, but the china has to go in its own bag. In one band I had two chinas, and each one had its own bag. They are a huge pain in the ass. The flat hi-hat will have to go on the top of the other cymabals. Otherwise the other cymbals will flop around within the case.

The first one looks like a good choice, but I have never heard of the company that makes it. I really like SKB stuff becasue of the lifetime guarantee.
I use the SKB 24" case for my 24" ride, 3 crashes, hats, and a splash. Dynamite case, but they got a couple of design detriments when compared to the 22" case. First of all, the pull out handle covers up the roto-X molding so you can't stack it on top of another SKB case like you can with the 22" case. There should be an option to remove this. Also, the 22" case is deeper than the 24" case for whatever reason. I can store, like, 12 cymbals in the 22" case, but maybe 7 at the most in the 24" case. It would be nice to have a deeper dish in the 24" case. If the profile of my 24" cymbal were any higher, it wouldn't fit at all.

But, I shopped around, and the SKB was BY FAR the best hard cymbal case option. Occasionally I'll use a soft case with straps, though, when I'm playing on a house it and I just need to bring cymbals/snare/throne/kick pedal.
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