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Default The right cymbal case

Upon the purchase of my new ride, I need to pick up a new hard case that holds up to 24" cymbals. I have a gig next week and I don't want to take my new toy out if it isn't properly protected. A lot of the cases I see won't fit more than about 7 cymbals, and won't fit chinas. I don't currently own a china, but I plan to in the future at some point. I need a case to be able to fit my ride, 2-3 crashes, a china, my hats (bottom hat is flat - no bell), and a splash. I'd like to keep my budget around $150, but if I find the right one, I'd be willing to spend a little extra.

Anybody have any suggestions/ideas?

So far, this looks like the one, but the price is kind of high, and I don't want to have to ship internationally.

I'm also looking into the Ahead cymbal silo. I'm not that keen on a bag, but this thing looks super nice and like something that I can trust.

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