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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? dimosthenis
age? 30
how long been playing? 18 yrs on and off
origin of user name? orator in ancient greece / my real name
top 5 drummers? at this moment nick mason, john bonham, jimmy chamberlin, danny carrey, josh freeze
make of drumkit? tama starclassic maple
make of cymbal? paiste
where do you practice? reeaaalyyy small home studio
are you in a band/s? two local bands as of lately
covers or originals? originals
what style of music? pop/rock and hard rock
favourite take out food? any type of junk food, sushi (when i can afford it)
country? Greece
one really odd fact about yourself? still here in the cosmos
how did you start drumming? found my self tapping feet and hands along to music at age 8