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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Originally Posted by Daddariopercussion View Post
We have changed our method of manufacturing the nylon tips. Instead of having a press on tip that gets glued on, we now injection mold our tips. The nylon tips that were originally used were hard brittle plastic that would fail quite often. With the injection molding process we now mold liquid nylon around the end of the stick for maximum strength. This process has also allowed us to match the profile of our wood tip and nylon tip models. In order for the old press on tip to fit on the stick we would have to increase the diameter of the neck on the stick to have a semi secure fit. This would change the shape and feel of the stick completey. Now with the injection molding process the wood tip and nylon tip models are now identical. The sticks will no doubt be different then the older versions but they will last longer and function better in the line. If you have other questions please feel free to email me direct
I mean no disrespect, but in my experience, this new manufacturing technique has not proven to make the sticks stronger, or the tips last longer. Quite the contrary.

If anything, I have had tips on the newer replacement 6 pairs that were sent out to me shatter into two pieces and fly off more often than with the old nylon material. When they didn't do that, the whole tip would break off (wood nub included) at the new indentation. All the sticks broke in some manner having to do with the tips and being weakened by the new design.

I'm not trying to dog on Promark. I love Promark, and I love the 747s. I just want to see this manufacturing/design error rectified in some manner, so I can go back to buying more of what version of the stick I used to prefer.
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