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Originally Posted by stagecustom
Honestly , I also wasnt all that impressed with the solo, but try doing that in front of 20,000 people. Also if you were in a pop punk band like Blink , and knew that most of your fans were not as musically intelligent as other audiences of other types of genres, wouldnt you just try to impress the crowd by going real fast, and crazy. He is just trying to please the crowd, just going with the flow, you know what I mean. But yes i do agree on the thing about his cymbals being to high up, that must be uncomfortable. Oh well just think about playing in front of 20,000 people, untill you have and pulled a better job then Travis ... then you can talk.
I think so too in a way, he had to please the crowd which was musically not that intelligent I guess, cause I also thought the solo was very simple , at least the grooves, some other stuff was better, but all in all ,not a very good and creative solo, he also did to many long breaks I think.
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