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Default Drum riser idea

I'm thinking about building a drum riser, but I think 5gal buckets are going to be too tall, I want a riser that's about 8-12" tall. 12" would really be about as tall as I want. Lowe's has 1 gallon buckets that might do the job, too. Has anyone used smaller buckets? I assume they'll be thinner (I haven't checked them out yet).

I had another idea, maybe you guys who have built these before can tell me if it's a bad idea. I was thinking about two 6x3 pieces of 1in thick plywood, and lifting them up with a bunch of these:

These are $3.50 table legs from Ikea, I figure I could cut them down to between 8" or 12", and use six on each piece of plywood. Think this would be solid enough?
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