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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

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Kit -
10x8 Grestch Catalina
12x9 Grestch Catalina
16x16 Mapex Horizon
20x16 Grestch Catalina
14x6 Truth Custom Snare

Cymbals (L-R) -
13" Murat Diril Dizzy Hats
18" Paiste Twenty Custom Full Crash
6" Stagg Medium Bell
21" TRX BRT (Kinda Ozone) Crash/Ride
21" TRX ICON China

All Aquarian heads minus the 12" Tom

Yamaha Toggle Hihat stand
Mapex Raptor Single Pedal
Mix of Yamaha, Mapex and Pearl Cymbal Stands
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