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Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
I always use as big a stave as I can, less glue/ more wood=better.
Most of my stock is 1 inch thick which leaves quite a bit to play with on the lathe.
This Birdseye maple is 7x14 and used only 14 staves.
Neat. Do you put any curve in the staves prior to assembly? Or just make them thicker and lathe the hell out of them? And do you lathe the inside? What's the fewest number of staves you've ever done on a shell? I'd think six would really be pushing it.

If you don't lathe the inside, that would mean the drums are round on the outside but blocky on the inside, and thinner near the joints and thicker in the middle of each stave. That would seem to add overtones and richness, as the shell would vibrate a bit differently in different places, in contrast to a ply, whole wood, steambent or many-staved shell, which vibrates more uniformly all the way around, or so I would think.
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