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you know i am only posting here because i have recently watched some interviews with jack and meg -- and a great concert film. And this is what the white stripes were doing and what they are about -- according to jack:

he never wanted meg to practice or get good at drums. He forbid her to practice -- that raw, child-like drum banging is the sound he wanted. Remember this is the same guy that could buy the finest gibson or taylor guitars, but instead favored a plastic one from montgomery wards for his life shows.

It was their sound -- and honestly i loved it. It was raw and crude and awesome. Agree or not, but i dont think having steve gadd playing on those songs would have helped -- in fact, it would have hurt that sound that HE wanted and achieved. Personally i think meg is adorable and plays with an energy and freedom that a lot of us "trained and disciplined" now lack. She was the perfect sound for that band and i personally doubt the white stripes would have been as good without her. Obviously jack is the talent, but meg was just what he needed.

Thats my take anyway.

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