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Ok Lar,down boy..LOL.Mary...REAL nice.Elements of a younger Bonnie Bramlet and some Susan your voice,but the end product is all you .Take a listen to both women,as they're some of the best in the Biz.Great song choice also.The song fits your voice.One of my favorite Stones tunes.

You also have some excellent ...stage presence.You LOOK,like a lead singer,without all the extra drama and nonsense,that acompanies so many Divas.

Two last things,.......taking some vocal lessons in person,or online,will strengthen your voice,and maybe help you get more range out of it.They can also help with diaphram breathing and projection.That's not a critique,it's just something to think about.

Lastly,I know some musicians that belong to multiple bands,and play a different instrument in each band,and have a blast doing it.Keep your hand in playing a live band,if at all possible,as you know,playing with recorded tracks,and playing live,are two different things.Playing live,is where the juice is.Nicely done Mary,I'm a fan......brava!:)

Steve B
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