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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Thank you so much for trying the select balance sticks. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed them. As far as your other concerns, were the sticks you rolled and found warped with old logos? We are trying to work through as much of the old stock as possible but before the D’Addario merger with Promark there were a lot of outstanding quality issues. We are doing our best to retrieve old product that doesn't function back but of course there is some we won't get to. Please feel free to reach out to me directly or tell a store associate to contact us if your problems are encountered in the stores. What you have experienced with the select balance is the New Promark and what you experienced in the stores is the old Promark. As for finding more variety of the line, Guitar Center selects a set amount of sku's for all of their locations. So finding anything outside of what is offered on the wall has to be added on their end. We have made the entire catalog available. What I can do is find a dealer local to you that can stock models you are looking for if you provide your address to us.

Originally Posted by beatfreak83 View Post
I have been going back and forth between stick brands quite often. I am now back with Pro Mark. Their Select Balance sticks are great! They finally solved the quality control issues that have been plaguing them over the last few years. The pair I tried were straight, smooth and solid! I hope the apply the same manufacturing methods to their other sticks as well. I have a few things I need to say about their sticks, though. The other day, I was in my local shop that carries some Pro Mark models that I like. I prefer to buy them in person so I can roll them, but unfortunately I can't get anything in my area except some standard models and a few signature models. Guitar Center only carries the Joey Jordison, Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy models and some Naturals models. It sucks because I really like the Marco Minnemann, Dom Howard and the Joe Morello models too, but I have to order them online, which is risky because most stores are still selling "old stock" sticks that are usually warped. My local shop carries the Simon Phillips, Paul Wertico and Steve Ferrone models. I had to go through about 10 pairs of each model before I found ONE pair that was straight. Every other pair was warped. Is there ANY way to get my store to (1) send back the defective sticks for replacements, and (2) stock MORE Pro Mark stick models?? With ALL the sticks Pro Mark makes, the stores should be carrying a more diverse selection. What is Pro Mark doing to solve this problem?
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