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Default Re: Pearl Eliminator or P-120

Alright, so I waffled around too much (as I tend to do with important decisions like this) and both the P-120 and the Yamaha 8215 (single chain flying dragon) pedals on were bought. I must have JUST missed the Yamaha because it was available online one second and gone when I called the store to order it. Wasn’t meant to be I guess.

So, of the original three I was interested in I’m left with what looks like a pretty used , but still functional Pearl Eliminator (click for picture) 2000C for $59. The salesperson admitted to me that the chain was a little rusted but otherwise the pedal was in good working order and it still has all the cams, drum key and the bag. I already looked at spare parts and I can replace the worn grip plate for about $12 and I can replace the chain for about $30 if necessary.

I’ve heard these eliminators are pretty durable so cosmetic wear aside, would you Eliminator owners recommend against this for any reason? I have about $70 to spend on my practice kit pedal and thought this might be a good option.

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