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Default Re: Looking for a new pedal

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Pearl's Demon Drives are available for left-footed people. However, looking closely at them, it looks like you could purchase a right-footed one and switch it around. Perhaps one of our Pearl players here can elaborate? But even if you couldn't, all the expensive double pedals by the major manufacturers are available for lefty's.
To convert a Demon Drive to lefty, the top half of the main pedal would have to be disassembled and reassembled backwards. The hoop clamp would also need to be moved from right to left. The slave pedal would also have to be switched, same as the main, but would also require switching the post from right to left on the footplate. Not really a big deal if you are mechanically inclined. If you aren't, just shop for a lefty model.
Wanted: GURU 13x7 Segmented English Ash & Ovangkol with Ovangkol Segmented Hoops
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