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Default Hello everyone

Hi guys,

My name is Iain and I'm from Bristol in the UK. I've been lurking on the forum for a while (long enough to know the regulars and some in jokes) so I thought it's about time I signed up and joined the community properly.

I'd say that I'm a competent and solid drummer, not particularly flashy. I've been playing casually in bands and orchestras since I was 7 and I've not really got any greater ambitions than to have fun playing gigs locally (maybe some festivals) with my friends. (Having said that I wouldn't mind building my own kit one day)

I would like to take the drums more seriously so hopefully I'll be able to do that now that I've given myself the ability to ask questions rather than waiting for somebody else to ask.

I play an old Sonor Phonic kit (It's older than me) that has been neglected a little recently as my current band started as an acoustic group with me playing my cajon but we have resolved to move to electric guitar/full kit this year so hopefully that will change.
I've also got a little bit of auxillary percussion that I'm always looking to expand. (I've not picked a side in the chime wars yet so let the courtship begin)

Anyway, I'm not going to get the same number of posts as KIS or GRUNTERSDAD if I put everything into one post so I'll leave it there for now.

See you round the boards.

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