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Originally Posted by HipshotPercussion View Post
I'm no fan of concerts in which big name groups play their hit recordings note for note. And I'm not a big fan of cover bands either. My background is in improv. Jazz improv. Rock improv. When every gig was a chance to rework each song and put something new into it. To me, that's what live music was all about.

But to say gigging isn't making music, dood. Sorry, but I don't get that at all. Some of us need that gigging $$$ every now and again, and we can play in order to communicate with our audience without "regurgitating" or having to play without heart...or art. Far from dragging me down, public performance inspires me.

Didn't your mama teach you that every moment is new?

Yeah, mine didn't either. But I've got this Buddhist monk friend and....
I gotta give it up to the gigging improv artists...thats certainly NOT regurgitation!
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