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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

Before I quit drinking (quit when my daughter asked my wife why daddy always drank beer - ouch!) it went something like this:

Beer - fun buzz at about the 3 beer point, sustained through the first 12 pack. After that things would get sloppy.

Any whiskey - Good times until about the 3rd shot - then I'd get diarrhea of the mouth and could count on a black out. Behavior during black out was always interesting and a fun mystery to solve the next day. Usually would drunk-call someone or beg an ex to get back together. Never got violent or anything.

Rum - Never drank it much. Always thought rum and cokes were the drinks of amateurs.

Vodka - Only as a last resort would I drink vodka. Popular when I was a teen as it was always in our parents liquor cabinet and was easily cut with water. Years later my mom told me she knew we were cutting it!

Tequilla - Guaranteed black out. Last time I drank tequilla my last semi-conscious thought was figuring out how I was going to bash my friends head in with a beer bottle. I woke up at a bus stop several hours later in the middle of the city with a pool of vomit next to me. Also peed my pants. Good times.

Yeah - I should probably stay 'retired'....

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