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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Originally Posted by blastbeatkeeper View Post
I do know they changed the nylon tip design, which I'm not a fan of, and I don't know about the quality, but I haven't been happy with that either. I bought 2 pair online through Amazon, and both pair were broken within a week. They split right down the middle. I wrote Pro Mark, they sent 3 free replacement pairs, and 2 out of three pairs are already broken, including one of the tips completely breaking off and smacking me in the face. Ive been using Pro Marks for ten years, but the quality has been lacking severely, and I'm getting ready for a switch. anyone else have problems like this?
I too, had the same problem. It seems they've changed the type of nylon material used for the tips in the past year, as it's no longer glossy and translucent. Now it's more of a softer, matte opaque material.

I sent pictures of the defective sticks (about 6 pair worth) to Promark and got a 6 pair brick of replacement sticks in return. Same problems. I feel it has something to do with the new nub that the tip attaches to, as well.

It sucks, because I love my Hickory 747 Nylons so much, but I can't rely on them to not have the tips fly off a fresh pair (one song into a set!), so I've switched to the both the Hickory and Oak 747 Wood Tips.
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