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Default Re: Looking for a new pedal

Originally Posted by VictimIsYourName View Post
Hello I am new to the forum. I just need some possible advice on something.

I have about $500 to spend on a double bass pedal. I play left handed so specialized pedals are sort of hard to come by. I want to know what you guys think I should go with. The regular Axis pedals since I can't find longboards, Demon Drives I hear you can switch them around for a lefty setup, or the DW 9002s?

I kind of want to go with direct drive. I used to own a pair of top dollar Pearl Eliminators. They were ok.

Pearl's Demon Drives are available for left-footed people. However, looking closely at them, it looks like you could purchase a right-footed one and switch it around. Perhaps one of our Pearl players here can elaborate? But even if you couldn't, all the expensive double pedals by the major manufacturers are available for lefty's.
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