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Default Re: Vic Firth TITAN Drumsticks - Product Spotlight video

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I just got a pair and so far, so good.

I use nylon tip sticks so I the change in cymbal tone is negligible as a rock player. They do sound much better and more natural than any other synthetic stick I've used. Rimshots are killer. (I doubt the straight ahead guys will change anyway.)
I also just got a pair today, and they are really something else. I noticed that they sound a little bit brighter on the ride at lower volumes (though if you're playing low volume ride, you probably don't want to use these anyways) but they sound like normal sticks at higher volumes, and sound fantastic on everything else. I find the weight refreshing, and yet they're easy to handle due to the pretty standard diameter (plus, they're hollowed out in the butt of the stick to a certain point to decrease weight- puts a little more weight towards the front so they move more easily). Rimshots are markedly different- the stick contributes a really unique 'pop' to the sound, at least on my die-cast hoops. It's awesome, and I honestly can't see any marks on them where I rimshot. (plus, cross stick sounds are also really good!)

My only complaint so far is that they chip kind of easily on the portion where I'm crashing cymbal edges (most of my cymbals are angled so the stick is reasonably tangential to the edge curve when hit, so I'm not sure why it happens), but it's not any worse than wood chipping. It started happening much quicker than my wood sticks, but I don't expect it to be a major issue as far as life expectancy goes.

Overall, I really like them a lot, for both the logical reasons and the feel reasons. I got mine for ~$45 on Amazon, and I would seriously recommend them for anyone looking for a longer-lasting stick (or just a nice feeling heavy 5B).
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