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Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
I disagree with this premise, for the most part. Different activities, perhaps, but I don't think one is any more or less worthwhile.

No, I'm talking strictly about return on investment, and it's not particularly about money. For a long time, I enjoyed gigging and it was worthwhile to me. These days, for the reasons I mentioned before, it really doesn't work for me. That's just where my situation is right now.

It's still a bit of a struggle to accept that at an emotional level, which is what was really posting about. Before, I could say to someone, "If you want to know what I do and what I'm about, come out this weekend and watch me play!" Now, I don't really have that, and it's a big change.
I was going to say that I've never heard of any major artist in any discipline who didn't do whatever s/he did and deliberately not try to share it with the public. But then I realized that if they weren't sharing, of course I wouldn't know. (Of course, if we all were like that we could all be major - within our own minds. Hey, maybe that is the way to go?
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