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Default Jose Macario - Taco Groove (8-string guitar)

Sorry for the 'wrong' instrument - but I think many will get something out of listening to/watching this video.

This link was posted on a facebook guitar group a few days ago.
The guy in the video uses an 8-string guitar by Strandberg (Sweden) and is mixing up various playing techniques. (Very cool and sophisticated guitar design BTW, I checked out a few Strandberg guitars at last year's Frankfurt Musikmesse. Lightweight, innovative neck profile, headless design = small overall size, fanned frets - super easy playability.) That's fresh and groovy approach to playing 8-strings as compared to the usual low riffing/hi-gain sounds. I tried to emulate this sound on a 7-string of mine - with very modest results so far ;-) Will continue to steal some ideas/parts here and there from that video.

Strangely, I don't really miss any drums or other instruments for that particular playing style. What do you think?
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