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Default Re: Pearl Eliminator or P-120

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
The Eliminator has the cams, twin chain, adjustable traction grips, easier to access hoop clamp, different spring assembly, quad beater, and a toe stop (don't remember if this is adjustable or not, sold mine a long time ago but I think it is).

The P-900 has no cams, single chain, no traction grips (I like this, feet slide easier), normal hoop clamp, simpler but still beater angle adjustable spring assembly, two sided beater, and no toe stop but has a hole to add one.

A few other minor differences are the Eliminators have a beater stop on the shaft, so if you remove them they go back in at the exact same height. You can also slide it all the way up for a little extra weight if you want. The double chain can be adjusted for length under the foot board. The P-900 does not have the beater stop, or the chain adjustment. However, you can still adjust the chain length at either end by one link if you remove the chain assembly, allowing you to lower the foot board a bit if you need to, independent of the beater angle.
Ok so there's quite a few extras on the eliminator. Just have to decide if I want a very used eliminator for $60 or a lightly used 900 for $40. The guy at GC said the chain on the eliminator is a little rusted so if I go that route I'll probably be shelling out for a new chain.
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